Online casinos and Virtual Reality: A merger that will revolutionize the online gambling industry

Until not so long ago, virtual reality seemed like an idea that could only be brought to life in science fiction movies. Today, however, as if it were a futuristic movie, virtual reality is already part of various forms of entertainment around the world, and online gambling is one of them. In this high-tech era we are living in, virtual reality (or VR) has become one of the newest and most extravagant options in the technology industry.

VR technology is, nowadays, one of the most sought after advances by developers around the world in the field of video games. There are different devices to enjoy its alternatives that offer options for computers, video game consoles, and cell phones. Of course, the online casino industry does not want to be left behind, and intends to gradually incorporate this technology to provide its customers with a unique experience. According to some analysts, virtual reality could revolutionize (even more) the online gambling industry.

To be ranked as the best online casino, operators have always been quick to adopt new technologies, due to the great competition within the industry, in order to offer the best experience in the market. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are available in a few online casinos, however, it is expected to be the new technology of choice available in the majority of sites in the not too distant future.

Virtual Reality technology

Virtual reality is the representation of our own reality or a fictional one within a digital world. This technology provides users with a fully immersive experience, placing them in real or imaginary environments that exclude the outside world. It is a world generated by technology that users can access through a technological device, such as VR glasses.

Virtual Reality is not the same as Augmented Reality (AR), as the latter allows an interactive experience in a real world environment, without excluding it. AR is more about stimulating the sight, and the hearing, in a second place; it does not try to block the stimuli of the real world, but tries to combine them. There is also the possibility of combining VR with AR, thus generating a Mixed Reality (MR).

VR online casinos

VR in online casinos opens up a range of great possibilities. Of course, we all imagine that Virtual Reality will try to imitate the original casino establishments, to make the user believe that he/she is inside the casino physically, thus allowing the experience to be much more realistic. However, most players do not imagine that VR will allow much more than that, as it will surprise the user by taking them into different scenarios while playing their favorite games.

The best online casino must offer VR games that go beyond a mere imitation of the experience of playing in a physical casino. The best VR casinos allow players to place themselves within the theme of the game. For example, in the case of a slot game that has a seabed theme, VR could enable such a scenario for the player to feel part of it. This is how this technology can enable possibilities we haven’t even imagined yet!

In addition, VR will not only allow you to modify the scenarios but also to interact with other players. This means that gamblers will be able to enjoy the company of other people who also enjoy the same type of entertainment, and who can be located anywhere in the world. In this way, Black Jack or Poker tournaments could be organized to allow players to participate from home but as if they were sharing the table with the rest of the players in the casino. Online casinos will be able to use this technology to facilitate all kinds of amazing experiences for their customers.

The incorporation of VR in the online gambling industry implies a revolution and a profound transformation of it. Allowing the user to go through an immersive experience in any kind of reality, or as if they were inside the casino physically, being able to interact with other players, the possibilities that this technology facilitates are limitless.

Based on everything we have mentioned before; it is clear that VR could change online casinos forever. There is a before and after since the incorporation of this technology that allows a unique gaming experience and that, apparently, is here to stay!

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